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Emergency Dentist Yeovil

Emergency Dentist Yeovil

Do you have a dental emergency? You don’t have to wait for days to arrange a last-minute appointment. Make sure you call Hendford Dental Practice, the best emergency dentist Yeovil has seen. We will make your emergency our priority and give you the dental care you need to cure the pain almost immediately at our emergency dentist in Yeovil.

The best Yeovil emergency dentist Emergency Dentist Yeovil

If you are experiencing oral pain and need to see a dentist quickly, our emergency dentist in Yeovil is here for you. We are a friendly, professional dental practice specialising in all areas of dental care. When you give us a call, we will ask for as much information as possible over the phone and arrange an emergency appointment at the earliest possible time. For many of our patients, we are able to provide same-day appointments.

As one of the most recommended emergency dentist Yeovil surgeries, we offer a complete range of emergency dental services. From gum swelling to mouth abscesses and even sports injuries, our Yeovil emergency dentists have dealt with all natures of dental emergencies over the years. We will always recommend the most effective treatment for your symptoms in order to restore your oral health as quickly as possible.

Dental pain can often arise when we least expect, so it is wise to have a comprehensive dental plan in place for when these emergencies occur. At our emergency dentist in Yeovil, we offer patients essential plans at just £12.97 a month which covers the following:

  • Membership card with helpline numbers for dental emergencies at home and abroad
  • Worldwide supplementary dental injury and emergency insurance
  • Two annual dental appointments including scale and polish
  • Personalised dental and oral hygiene advice
  • X-rays

Click here to find out more about our emergency dentist Yeovil essential plans.

One of the biggest benefits of arranging an essential plan with Hendford Dental Practice is the availability of a 24-hour emergency helpline. Whether you are at home or abroad, if you are suffering from oral pain, urgent dental advice is just a phone call away. Our Yeovil emergency dentist will take the time to listen to your symptoms and offer professional advice which can resolve the pain completely, or subside it until an appointment can be arranged.

Why choose our emergency dentist in Yeovil?

No matter what your dental emergency may be, our Yeovil emergency dentists will make sure you get the professional treatment you need. From the moment you step into the practice, you will be given a warm welcome from our staff who will make you feel at ease. You can guarantee quality dental care in a relaxed and safe environment when you choose our emergency dentist in Yeovil.

It may be the case that you are experiencing a dental emergency, yet are unable to get to our dental practice. In these circumstances, we can send a Yeovil emergency dentist out to surrounding areas so that you can receive specialist care when it’s needed. We keep up-to-date with all the latest advancements in dentistry to ensure we maintain our title as the finest emergency dentist Yeovil patients will find.

If you are often anxious about visiting the dentist, the thought of an emergency dental appointment may seem daunting, but Hendford Dental Practice will put your mind at rest. We have a reputation the best emergency dentist in Yeovil for nervous patients as we take extra measures to calm your nerves during your appointment. Your Yeovil emergency dentist will give a detailed breakdown of the procedure and how it will benefit you, and provide anti-anxiety medication if required.

Contact us

When you experience dental pain, get in touch with the best emergency dentist Yeovil has to offer by calling 01935 433 337.