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Call us today on 01935 433337. Hendford Dental Practice in Somerton is a friendly, privately owned Practice, run by Dentist Peter Froud, who provides a range of Dental treatments.
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Cosmetic Dentistry Somerton

When we know our smile looks great, we feel great

Cosmetic Dental Work in Somerton from Hendford Dental Practice

If you are considering having cosmetic dental work carried out, then you want to speak to cosmetic dentists in Somerton. Here at Hendford Dental Practice, our qualified dental team are here to help with a range of cosmetic dental procedures. The team here understand that having the perfect smile is key to confidence and feeling great.

Types of Cosmetic Treatment

In today’s society, many people have started to improve the way their smile looks with cosmetic dentistry. However, when you decide to go down the cosmetic dentistry route you need to make sure that you use a fully qualified dentist. Cosmetic dental surgery is not just for the younger generation either, older people often need or want dental work to maintain the way they look as they age. Here at Hendford Dental Practice, we offer a range of cosmetic dentistry to patients throughout Somerton and the surrounding areas. Our cosmetic dental procedures include:

Teeth whitening



Natural coloured fillings


Smile makeovers

So whether you are looking to swap a mercury filling for a white one, or desire a complete smile makeover with teeth veneers, be sure to speak to our cosmetic dentist in Somerton.  The team at Hendford Dental Practice will look after you from the initial consultation to post-treatment dental checkups. 

Get In Contact

Are you in need of cosmetic dentistry or would like further advice, call our team today for more advice and information.


If you find that your teeth are heavily stained or chipped, our team understand the insecurities this can cause.  Our cosmetic dentist has a wealth of knowledge and experience in helping you find a solution. Our cosmetic dental team will help you achieve the perfect smile.  A popular choice if you want a complete smile makeover that feels like real teeth.

By creating porcelain veneers, you can rejuvenate your smile back to its former glory.  Veneers are expertly blended to match your other teeth to ensure there is no difference in colour, size or shape.  Making it impossible for anyone to tell the difference!

Teeth Whitening & Stain Removals

One of the most common cosmetic procedures available, tooth whitening is quick and easy, and affordable cosmetic dentistry.  Here at Hendford Dental Practice, we can help you achieve ultimate brightness when it comes to your smile, in a few easy steps.  

Whether you want your whole teeth whitening or smaller areas where teeth have become stained the team at Hendford Dental Practice are here to help.  The best thing about visiting our cosmetic dentist in Somerton for teeth whitening is we also provide take-home kits for you to achieve whiter teeth in the comfort of your own home.

White Fillings

Many NHS dentists still use mercury fillings over white fillings. Should you want to change your mercury fillings to white fillings that match the colour of your natural teeth, you can rest assured that our qualified dental team can carry out the work quick and easy. Our cosmetic dentist in Somerton has years of experience and you can rest assured that you are in safe hands.

Our friendly team in Somerton are dedicated to your well-being and ensure each procedure is as stress-free as the last.  So if the dentist sometimes makes you nervous you can rest assured; our caring team have extensive experience in dealing with nervous patients.

Crowns & Bridges

There’s no need to panic if you have a broken tooth.  Our cosmetic dental team can work with you and your budget to find a dental crown that is suitable.  If a whole tooth is missing you may need a dental bridge, this is where a bridge is inserted to the two natural teeth either side to hold the dental crown in place. However there is no need to worry, our team will treat you with complete care to ensure that the dental work goes as smooth as possible. 

Don’t let that broken tooth impact your smile and feelings, book a consultation with the cosmetic dental team in Somerton today.

Our Dental Practice

When you choose our dental practice to have your dental treatment, you can rest easy knowing you are in the hands of a fully qualified and experienced dental team, who have all of our patients at the forefront of our minds. We have plenty of experience when it comes to dealing with nervous patients too, so should you be anxious about dental treatment you can be assured that we aim to make the treatment as comfortable and relaxing as possible.

Why Choose Hendford Dental Practice

Should you be searching for cosmetic dentistry near me in Somerton make sure you speak to the qualified dental team at Hendford Dental Practice. Although cheap cosmetic dentistry in Turkey may seem more appealing when you choose a local dentist Somerton to complete the dental work you can rest assured that the treatment will be carried out in line with the General Dental Council Standards.

All of the cosmetic dentistry that we carry out is tailored to the individual needs and requirements of the patient, helping you to achieve what you want as an individual, from teeth whitening to dental implants our cosmetic dentist is here to help.

We also offer Cosmetic Dentistry in Yeovil ,Somerset and Sherborne.