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Teeth whitening Somerset

For the best teeth whitening Somerset has to offer, look no further than for a dental company that you can trust. Attaining your dream Hollywood smile is only a phone call away. Look after your smile and give us a call today to speak to one of our professional cosmetic dentists by calling 01935 433337.


Invest in the best teeth whitening Somerset offers

Often your smile is the first thing that people see or notice when they look at you, here at Hendford Dental Practice, we understand how important it is to feel confident with your teeth and smile. Unfortunately, many people nationwide are unhappy with the condition of their teeth, and as a result feel incredibly nervous smiling.

Our teeth whitening in Somerset will help to get rid of the discolouring on your teeth that comes from some types of food and drink that form part of your daily diet. From a glass of red with your teeth whitening somersetdinner to a coffee and cigarette in the morning, many of our daily habits are slowly staining our teeth and contributing to people’s anxieties about their teeth.

But fear not, our cosmetic dentist service is bespoke and focuses solely on improving people’s smiles. Regardless of whether you require our Somerset teeth whitening service or a more drastic solution to enhance your teeth such as Orthodontist support, we will give you professional and expert advice.

You certainly won’t regret investing in our Somerset teeth whitening service. In addition to offering the best teeth whitening service, we also provide a range of cosmetic dental treatments:

  • Veneers
  • White fillings (natural coloured fillings)
  • Stain Removals
  • Crowns and Bridges


Our promotional offers for teeth whitening in Somerset

Here at Hendford Dental Practice, we recognise that not everybody can afford to pay for teeth whitening service outright, so we have some promotional offers which will help everybody to achieve their perfect smile.

When you sign up with our practice, we will do everything in our power to advise you on the various payment options available, finding the perfect one for you. Our well-established dental practice has a variety of promotional offers that anybody can benefit from, some of these include:

  • 10% discount on all treatments when you first join
  • Routine oral cancer screening
  • Worldwide supplementary dental injury and emergency insurance
  • Routine check up’s


What can you expect when you invest in our teeth whitening in Somerset?

Our superb teeth whitening service is an effective, and straightforward procedure that will dramatically help to improve your smile teeth whitening somersetand get you those pearly whites you’ve been longing for.

Following your inquiry about our Somerset teeth whitening service, we will arrange an in-depth consultation appointment with one of our dentists to discuss the best course of action for you. From here, your mouth and teeth will be expertly examined, and they will recommend the best treatment for you accordingly.

Your treatment will entirely depend on the degree of staining, for minor staining you may only require a weak hydrogen peroxide solution, whereas more severe discolouration will call for a stronger solution.

Over the counter, do it yourself, teeth whitening products include only 0.1% hydrogen peroxide, at Hendford Dental Practice we use 6% hydrogen peroxide solutions – so it’s entirely worth the investment! When you choose Hendford Dental Practice for your go too, teeth whitening Somerset service, you can be assured that you’re are going to receive exceptional results.

Once they have decided upon a gel that contains enough hydrogen peroxide to suit your exacting needs, a mould of your mouth will be taken to create a mouth guard that fits your teeth and jaw. Before you head off home, our dentist practitioner will walk you through how to correctly complete the teeth whitening procedure at home, ensuring you are completely comfortable.


Why you won’t regret investing in our Somerset teeth whitening service

For the best teeth whitening Somerset has seen, there just is no other option than Hendford Dental Practice. We are devoted to providing the highest level of customer care, to ensure all our clients are smiling from ear to ear when they leave us. All of our treatments are carried out by accredited, professional dentists who are experts in delivering a range of cosmetic procedures and dental services.

When you choose us to carry out your teeth whitening, you do not need to be nervous. We understand how distressing the dentist chair can be for some people, so all of our staff have been specially trained to be able to deal with anxious and nervous patients. Just sit back, relax and prepare to dazzle people with your impressive pearly whites!


“I am a very nervous patient, and after going to see Mr Froud, and having some treatment I am now much more confident about going to the dentist. Hendford Dental Practice is a very comfortable place and the staff made me feel at ease.”

– Claire Stenning



If you are looking for the highest quality, teeth whitening Somerset service, book an appointment at Hendford Dental Practice today by contacting us on 01935 433337.