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Emergency Dental Clinics in Yeovil

Emergency Dental Clinics in Yeovil

If you’re looking for emergency dental clinics in Yeovil, you may be suffering from an agonising toothache or perhaps you’ve had an accident and knocked out part of your tooth. We aim to see our patients as quickly as possible in the case of emergency, and will work hard to find and solve the cause of your anguish as efficiently as possible. If you need treatment from emergency dental clinics Yeovil don’t hesitate to call us now on 01935 433337.

Why may you need Yeovil emergency dental clinics?

If you’re suffering from a nagging toothache, we recommend that you seek dental treatment Emergency Dental Clinics in Yeovilas soon as possible to avoid long lasting damage. Toothaches can often be caused by bacterial infections, which occur when holes appear in your teeth from poor hygiene or soft enamel. If the infection causes an abscess, it’s crucial that you contact emergency dental clinics Yeovil as soon as possible, as if it bursts is could lead to fatal secondary problems.

As one of the top emergency dental clinics in Yeovil, we are experts at sourcing the root of the problem.  Whether you need an x-ray or scan to find the problem, we’ll make sure we carry out all the necessary treatments in order to recommend the right course of action. Whether it’s a case of a filling and a course of antibiotics or a complete tooth extraction, our qualified and skilled dentists will provide the best possible treatment.

Find out more about our treatments

If you’re looking for Yeovil emergency dental clinics dedicated to giving you the best possible treatment, the Hendford Dental Practice is the best choice for you.  We can offer you a range of services depending on the issue in hand and your personal preferences including:


If you’ve taken a tumble and chipped a tooth, as one of the best emergency dental clinics Yeovil has seen, we may be able to offer you a veneer to bring your smile back to its best. Our porcelain veneers are expertly crafted to match the natural colour and shape of your teeth, so nobody will ever have to know about your accident.

White fillings

One of the most common causes of toothache is holes in your enamel wearing down the sensitive nerves in your teeth. To block the holes, we’re one of the emergency dental in clinics in Yeovil that uses a white filling, instead of the indiscrete colours of old.

Crowns and bridges

If on the extreme occasion you’ve either knocked out a tooth or your tooth is beyond repair, our Yeovil emergency dental clinics team can install crowns and bridges which will be the exact colour of your existing teeth so nobody will ever know you’ve had them done.

More about our dental service

As one of the best emergency dental clinics in Yeovil, we pride ourselves on providing the best possible service. From the moment you walk in we’ll make sure your case is handled sensitively. When you’re called into the dentist’s room, we’ll take the time to find out as much as we can about your problem from you, and look at any previous dental records to find out whether any previous niggles may have become advanced issues.  That way, we hope to get to the root of the cause quickly, and find the most effective way in which to relieve the pain and solve the problem permanently.

If you’ve received treatment from one of the Yeovil emergency dental clinics, you may be looking to take your treatment beyond basic repair and invest in permanent fixtures such as veneers, bridges or crowns. Our dentists will take into consideration your dental records to ensure your receive the best cosmetic treatment for you, and carefully go through all the processes to match the new fittings to your existing teeth to ensure everything looks natural.

If you’re a nervous patient looking for emergency dental clinics Yeovil, our calm and patient dentists and dental nurses are experts at calming techniques to reassure and make you feel as comfortable as you can possibly be.  For patients with extreme cases of nervousness, we can offer a sedative to make you feel more relaxed.

After you’ve received our emergency dental clinics Yeovil service

Once you’ve received treatment from Henford Dental Practice, one of the best Yeovil emergency dental clinics, we can recommend a dental plan to keep your teeth in good condition. For a monthly fee you have access to high-quality dental treatment from our experienced dentists. Some of the services included in our dental plans are:

  • Regular examinations
  • Bi-annual hygienist visits
  • Fillings
  • Crown, veneer and denture work
  • X-rays

If you’ve previously had to use emergency dental clinics in Yeovil, you’ll find that with our dental plan, you’ll never have to be put in that position again. When patients are a bit apprehensive about investing money into their teeth on a monthly basis, we let them know that the benefits include:

  • 10% Discount On All Treatments
  • Routine Oral Cancer Screening
  • Worldwide Supplementary Dental Injury And Emergency Insurance
  • Find potential problems before they become advanced

Benefits of choosing Henford Dental Practice.

Whether you use or services when you’re in need of emergency dental clinics in Yeovil, or your one of our loyal customers who has invested in our dental health plan, we instil the same passion for customer service and superior quality treatment in every case. When you choose us for all of your dentistry needs you will benefit from our:

  • Cosmetic dentistry skills
  • Handling of nervous patients
  • Home visits
  • Payment plans
  • Friendly team

“I have nothing but praise for Peter & the Hendford Dental Practice, so much so I travelled from Kent (where I live) to Yeovil (a 334 mile round trip) in order to receive the excellent treatment and care which had been highly recommended to me…”

Sam Lloyd

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If we sound like the perfect practice when you’re in need of emergency dental clinics in Yeovil, don’t hesitate to contact us today.